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Time’s Short: Stop Wasting It

Consider every moment as a gift of life. It’s a give of time. Use it for what it is. Be filled with lovely, positive, and encouraging thoughts and words.

Remember that what you bring into the world can either harm you, or help you. Your thoughts, your emotions, your skills, and your talents can either be used to improve your life or be ignored and left to waste. The choice of how you use what you bring into this world is yours, and yours alone.

Be careful with every thought and every word you give birth to throughout your life. Be the master of your thoughts and not a slave to your whims.

Live a life full of joy, happiness, satisfaction, wealth, and wisdom.

For this it is necessary to give the best of your time, your thoughts, and your words. Open your eyes, open your heart, and feel the love from deep inside. When you open your heart and your eyes together, your world will change forever.

See and feel always the best everywhere in everything and everyone around you. When you can´t do this or find it too difficult to try, continue trying until you can.

There are so many miracles around us and so many beautiful things to discover. There is so much love to share, so much life to live. But, there is only so much time to discover them, and none of us know just how much time we have.

Fill your memories of life with the wonderful experiences, and all uncomfortable, annoying, unpleasantness will disappear from around you.

There is only one way to life a truly fulfilling life: be in the moment of every moment of your life.

Life is what you make of it …. What are you doing with your life today?


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