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Sascha Lifve

Sascha Lifve

Sascha Lifve lives every day of his life by following a simple motto, "What we do, we will no longer do when we understand that we have to do nothing; always and everywhere we have the choice, just to love." A spiritual nerd, nature freak, creative being, LifePreneur, frutarian, blogger, father to an amazing daughter, and persistent dreamer, he follows his heart and is happiest when he's exploring and discovering the beauty of the world. He loves to write about the discoveries he makes through his journeys and the inner peace he has discovered through visits to the beach, mediation, or sailing the seven seas. He is happiest when he is inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest and is able to help those who loves and care about discover just how beautiful and joyous life truly is.

  • Encouragement
    Time’s Short: Stop Wasting It

    Consider every moment as a gift of life. It’s a give of time. Use it for what it is. Be filled with...

    Sascha LifveSeptember 18, 2015

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