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Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s a story about their life, or a story that has been building up inside them waiting to be launched into the world. We all have a story inside of us and SmileBait is happy to help you get your story out there for people to read.

We welcome user submissions and would be happy to publish them for you. If you are a talented writer and you are interested, we just might extend an offer for you to become a regular writer for our site. If you are really talented, our fearless leader (ok, not totally fearless, snakes, spiders, and Teletubbies give him nightmares) has promised he’ll get down on his knees and plead. Ok, not really. However, he’s not above asking pretty please. How else do you think he got me to write this section for our website?

Story submissions should be between 250-500 words. Stories should either be funny, inspirational, cute, or otherwise intended to make someone smile. No politics. No erotica. If it wouldn’t fit within the pages of Readers Digest or Chicken Soup, we’re probably not going to publish it. If it’s really dirty, we might send you a bar of soap to wash your keyboard off with.

Still interested?

Don’t worry if you are not Mark Twain or JK Rowling. First, if you were Mark Twain we would be making our way to the nearest shelter because that would be a clear signal that the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us. Second, no writer starts out as the best. However, if you have the drive, the passion, and the stories to tell, we will help you reach for your dream and give you the platform to do it from. And, if you are JK Rowling, we would love to have you as a regular contributor. (Ok, our founder might get down on a knee¬† and beg for that. We’ll ask.)

We do not pay for user submissions at this time, however, we do promise that your writing will get noticed by a large and diverse audience. We will even put a link to your own site/work into your article when we publish it. Naturally, you’ll retain copyright while granting us permission to retain the story on our site in perpetuity. The only exceptions to this policy are the aforementioned Zombie Apocalypse, the resurgence of disco as a form of mainstream entertainment, or the reintroduction of 80’s hair trends. Should any of these occur, we will release our right to publish, because if any of these occur we’re quite certain that no one is going to be worried about what’s on our site.

To submit your story, simply send an email to Our team will review the story and if it fits within our site, we will let you know and add it to our publishing schedule. It’s that simple.

Welcome to SmileBait!

We're glad you're here. It is a genuine pleasure to bring this site to you so that you can laugh, so that you can smile, so that you can find the silver lining throughout your day.


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