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Ohio Shelter Puts More Fur On The Streets

The clanging of cage doors echoes eerily around the building now. The usual accompaniment of mews and barks is now just a distant memory.

“Why is this shelter empty? “ One might ask. “What sudden change in policy led to all of the animals who normally reside here completely vanishing?”

Simply, the awesomeness of the people in Ohio. An “Adoptathon” run and organized by the Summit County Animal Control resulted in some very happy families walking away with their very own bundle of fur and joy to take to their ‘forever home’ .

Macee, a volunteer at the shelter shares what this means to her: “This is my dream…that all dog pounds will be empty some day. Thank you SCAC, their volunteers and the dogs, for staying the course. We will miss each of you.”

Well done, SCAC. And well done, people of Ohio. These adoptions now mean that SCAC has even more chances to give abandoned animals the second chance they deserve. It also means that the people of Ohio rate as some of the very nicest in my book!

The shelter already has made good use of the extra spaces, as since the event it has already rescued 13 dogs and  24 cats who are ready for adoption, so if you fancy upping the class factor of your home by letting this majestic lady rule the roost,

Spooky by name, gorgeous by nature

Spooky by name, gorgeous by nature

hike down some trails with this new best friend that you haven’t met yet,

With Caruso to walk with you, you won't need that expensive personal trainer

With Caruso to walk with you, you won’t need that expensive personal trainer


or snuggle up indoors with this cutie (explaining to her exactly what snow is snow would be optional!)

Lylah just wants to snuggle up with you until winter is over.

Lylah would like to know where all this cold white stuff comes from.

Then you can find the Summit County Animal Control and Shelter here:



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