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Jesus Turned Water into Wine – Is it a Miracle?

Jesus turned water into wine. I am pretty sure you have heard of this person who did such a thing once upon a time. Regardless of religion or geography, Jesus is one of, if not the most recognized man in the history of the world. And, the water into wine legend is one of Christianity’s best-known tales.

It is said that Jesus was a genuine miracle worker. He could change water into wine, walk on water, and even raised one guy from the dead. Many Christians have gained faith and enhanced their beliefs through such miracles, which allow them to continue to believe in potentially greater unexplainable things from the past and things to come.

Even so, I wonder: Why do many people–Christians and non-Christians–view such acts as miracles? What do any of the aforementioned miracles do to improve the human condition? What makes the physical or unexplainable act of turning water into wine a miracle? Is it because our culture tells us to believe certain acts to be miraculous and like sheep we follow those beliefs unquestioningly or do we simply want to have a reason to follow something potentially greater than the human condition or ability?

When I think about that water into wine miracle, I experience something other than a wonderful miraculous event in the history of the human experience. I view it from a place of necessity and importance. I understand that Water is one of the true gifts of life. Water’s benefits are unquestionable. However, what benefit does changing water into wine, as a miracle, have on the human condition? Researchers have found excellent properties in the consumption of wine and many of us follow those suggestions or recommendations as a reason to partake. “Jesus turning the gift of life into a fermented fruit, for the purpose of alcohol drinkers to have more to drink. What’s the miracle?”

I questioned one of my friends’, who professes to be a Christian, thoughts or beliefs about the water into wine miracle. I wanted to know if he found the miracle relevant to the human condition. He stated that he believed the miracle to be of significant importance. He went on to state that the drinking water during that era could have been so bad that it was safer to drink wine. Thus, making the miracle relevant enough for him, and he continues to believe that the changing of water into wine is a miracle.

My friend further explained the miracle to me based on religious scripture. He noted that during a wedding the wine ran out and to accommodate the guest, Jesus turned water into wine. I still could not logically grasp the miracle. I could not understand how turning one of the gifts of life into a fermented fruit juice was a miracle, or could be counted as a truly beneficial miracle.

In my experience, fermented fruit juice causes the mental condition to slow; it intoxicates the user. The human condition would function wonderfully without it and fewer people would experience the negative effects from those overly partaking in its miraculous powers. So, basically, what I have been taught and conditioned to believe is that the miracle worker turned one of the fruits of life into something that degrades the benefits of water. Based on my interpretation of this act, Jesus basically seemed to be in favor of drunkenness.

If fresh drinking water was a rarity and it is what the human condition needs to continue to function, how is turning it into something that takes away from the human condition a miracle? Why is turning water into rotten fruit such a wonderful event? For me, the miracle would be to make the possibly contaminated water into fresh drinking water. That would be a miracle in my opinion. When I am thirsty I don’t think about alcoholic drinks. I want water because without it I would die. The mystery for me is why do we as humans place so much value in worthless junk? Why do we find value in lies as we search for truths?

For all of you who are aware of this story about a non-beneficial miracle, please stop settling for lies and start thinking and learning for yourself. That is the only way people will grow past their designed cultures; particularly when those beliefs are based on lies or miracles that do not make any sense.

And, what about modern miracles? In my view, getting a job based on your true experience and not your race, nationality, or gender is a miracle in this modern era. Understanding what it is to be fair to others without playing God and trying to change people based on fairytales and misinterpretations is a miracle. Loving people and making a point to limit hurt to everything and everyone around you is a miracle. Understanding that what you do every day has an effect on the rest of the world and acting in accordance with the best beneficial practices is a miracle. Viewing and treating clean water and air as more valuable than gold is a true miracle. And, those are miracles we should all be working to make a reality.


  1. Europhil

    October 17, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    U have ur own belief so let it be but never twist people’s mind and trying to convinced us ur philosophical way of believing…sounds like u dont beleived that there’s God

  2. sandy

    October 19, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Apparently you don’t know the story, they ran out of wine at the wedding and they got some water in a pot and he made the pot of water into wine ,no one ever said the wine was fermented , so before you go trying to act like you know something and make people not beleive in God get your facts strait .

    • Dr. Tony L. Sessoms

      Dr. Tony L. Sessoms

      October 27, 2015 at 1:18 am

      Thanks for reading my post. I hope it caused you to think in a different manner about life and culture. The article is not meant to discourage readers, yet to offer a different way of viewing things.

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