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“Dear Life, I’m Still Here”

It was August 13th, 2012. At that moment in my life, I found myself lying on the soft golden sand of “El Yaque”, a magnificent beach on the island of Margarita just off the coast of Venezuela. Tired of life and exhausted from sadness, the warm sun was saying its daily goodbye as the cool moon rose over the horizon to greet us with her cooling yet comforting presence.

It was a perfect setting to relax and reflect upon my life. Sitting there on the warm sand, I opened my favorite bottle of spirit. And, I must say that the first drink of rum under the pale moonlight is always the sweetest. A gentle kiss of the essence contained within is all it takes to set the mind off to dream.

The gentle waves of the rolling ocean danced further up the shoreline as the moon’s power pulled them towards me. The waves danced slowly at first, gradually picking up tempo as they rolled towards me in the twilight. There, consumed by grief and heartache, I warmed myself around the fire as I fooled around with my ever loyal guitar as we two trusty partners serenaded the sea beckoning her ever closer.

The ocean rocked back and forth to the songs we sang. It was as if she was trying to catch me and I eagerly anticipated the moment that she would. When she finally caught me, I let her take me without a fight. Tired, distraught, she comforted me as she slowly took me by my toes, then my ankles, then my knees.

Not content with just a mere portion of me, she continued her advance until my torso, my head, and my very spirit hers. For a few brief moments the sea and I were one, two conjoined bodies needing something from the other.

Amidst the darkness of the world around me I heard her true voice for the first time. She spoke softly, gently as if light trickling down on the world around me. With comfort in her breath, she said, “Not yet. I believe. I believe in you.”

When I awoke, I breathed in the crispness of the evening air. The words of Eddie Vedder, in my view an American poet, singer, master if you will, sounded all the bells inside me from my heart to my head. These words from my inspiration confirmed, “I’m alive. I’m still here.” The chords from his ever famous ukulele played in my thoughts and lit a flame in my spirit.

Fueled by his words the fire spread throughout me, and thus, my hope was reborn. My flame was rekindled.

Whatever happens, if you’re still here, there’s still¬† hope. All it takes to make a change is a decision. Instead of making the same decisions every day, choose a different path. Make a different decision. Give yourself to the universe and the energy that is flowing all around us. Venture into life’s womb. That’s where real magic can happen that can breathe fresh life into your spirit. Just let go of your fears and listen to that same comforting voice surrounding you that’s saying, “I’m alive, You’re alive, together we will live forever.”

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