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Norberto Mujica

Norberto Mujica

Norberto Mujica is a 25-year old, Venezuelan actor currently living in Mexico City. A prolific writer, he has written two plays, and two screenplays. He is currently involved in directing Crimes Against Humanity, an American play written by Michael Anthony Reyes Benavides and Luis Rosas about political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera The play is set to be performed in December 2015. His interests are theater and acting, and when he's not busy developing new acting methods and honing his skills, he's traveling the world to discover what makes humanity tick. Easily one of the most enthusiastic and caring individuals you will ever meet, his ability to make friends and spread happiness are truly inspirational.

  • Encouragement
    Life and Going into Extra Innings

    It wasn’t long after my grandpa’s 70th birthday that he began saying, “Well, I’m in extra innings.” I think that’s a...

    Norberto MujicaOctober 5, 2015
  • Dating 101
    Take a Load Off Your Shoulders

    Smothered by this world, its fabrications and necessities, I contemplated upon a different horizon and an often repeated phrase, “take a...

    Norberto MujicaSeptember 18, 2015
  • Dating 101
    “Dear Life, I’m Still Here”

    It was August 13th, 2012. At that moment in my life, I found myself lying on the soft golden sand of...

    Norberto MujicaSeptember 18, 2015

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