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5 Reasons Every Man Should Date a Southern Gal

Dating is tough these days, but there are some ways you can make it feel like each date is a trip to the dentist for a root canal. Science has proven that the best way to have yourself a date you’ll never forget is to go on a date with a Southern gal.

  1. The accent. Oh, the accent. There’s just something inherently sexy about a woman who can say y’all without it sounding like a cliché. It’s enough to melt even the hardest of hearts and bring a smile to even the grumpiest of faces. Granted, the language might require the use of a pocket translator to understand, but after the first date or two, you’ll master the head nod that signals you understood every word she said even though it might have been faster than Earnhardt’s last run at Nascar.
  2. You always know exactly where you stand. Southern women don’t hold back in the honesty department. If she’s mad, you’ll know it before you even walk through the door. In fact, there’s a good chance the whole neighborhood, her extended family, and some guy she calls an ex-boyfriend will know it, too. And, when you get done removing the pick-axe from the fender, you will know what not to do/say/or think next time.
  3. Family is everything. Once you make it into the circle of trust, her family will practically adopt you. It’s like adding an entire team of linebackers to your squad. They will have your back and love you just as much as your own family does. In fact, they will probably love you even more because you have earned the seal of approval from their most precious asset.
  4. Beauty and brains, all in one package. Southern women take a special pride not only in the way they look, but in the way they think. And, boy, do they have both in spades. If you are going to compliment a Southern woman on her bust line, you had darn sure better be ready to compliment her on her brainpan first because if you don’t…you can kiss that bust line goodbye.
  5. Leprechauns learn their charms from Southern women. You will never wonder if a Southern woman is truly interested in you. If she’s interested, you can expect to be showered with praise and pampered to the point you will feel like a kid again. You could look like Quasimodo and be covered in grease when you come in from the garage, but if you keep a Southern woman happy and treat her right, she will always make darned sure you are the happiest man in town even when you’re not. It’s an art she’s spent her life mastering, and if you charm her in return, not a day will go by when you don’t wake up and say, “Man, I’m the luckiest guy on earth.”

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