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Chinese Parents Serve Daughter’s Stalker an Epic Dose of Street Justice

China has a problem that no one wants to talk about. Not even the authorities like to take to the mic to discuss it. That problem is unfortunately child molestation and it is a growing concern in communities throughout the country. It has only been in the past year that people have begun to speak openly about it, yet, for all the talk, it’s a problem that continues to worsen throughout the land of the red dragon.

As the number of victims continues to rise, it’s not surprising that children’s parents and bystanders who witness incidents occurring are starting to take things into their own hands. Indeed, stories of Old West style vigilante justice are becoming common as communities throughout China take a stand against perverts and ne’er do wells. After all, why wait for the police to show up and go through the process of a trial when you can take care of things right there on the street? Even with China’s notorious lack of civil rights and questionably expedient criminal court system, the Chinese are showing that they are developing a taste for even more expedient resolution of criminal complaints.

Such was the case of a 50-year-old man named Xu who had set his fixation and grubby hands upon a young girl in junior high. Many times over the past weeks and months, Xu has followed her home from school, harassing her and making lewd comments and gestures along the way. Yesterday, in the town of Yuyao located in China’s Zhejiang Province, Xu attempted once again to grab the young girl’s attention by grabbing her arm and attempting to force her to go with him. Fortunately for her, she screamed and was able to get away. That evening, she mustered the strength and courage to tell her father and mother about her harasser. Infuriated as any parent would be, they decided to put an end to it and today they were waiting for Xu to show up and try it just one more time….

And, he did. The girl’s mother and father sprang into action immediately with the fury of a pair of caged tigers who had suddenly been set free. According to witnesses, the husband and wife duo served up a beat down worthy of an MMA title match. They held nothing back as they delivered blow after blow upon the pervert. When they were satisfied the lesson had been delivered, they did what any sensible parent would do…they tied him to a lamppost and called the police.

The police have taken Xu into custody and are now investigating. As for the parents of the young girl, it does not appear that Chinese authorities are going to pursue charges against them. In a country where sex assaults against women and children are on the rise, it’s time someone takes a stand and says “Not my child.” In fact, it’s a safe bet that they won’t be the last parents who take the law into their own hands in order to protect their children. While I wouldn’t normally condone street justice, this case, and others like it are instances where I’d like to see Lousville Slugger show up to sponsor the moms and dads who are willing to stand up and protect their children.

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