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Three Top Tier Tips That Can Help You Live A Full Life With Diabetes

For ten years, I’ve lived with diabetes every moment of the day. Throughout that time I have had high’s and low’s; good days and bad days. Diabetes is a daily battle, but it is one that can be won. These are some of the things that I have done to bring on the good days.

1. Eat real foods. I am not saying that every meal must be a masterpiece made from scratch. In today’s world, that is nearly impossible. However, try to eat foods that have been processed the least. That means choosing fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible. However, if it’s out of season, then choose fozen veggies over canned veggies. The same is true of meat. Choose fresh meats and cold cuts from the meat department instead of the freezer section or within any number of the prepackaged sandwich slices. The reason for this is that you can never be sure what preservatives and ingredients will interact with your medications, and fresh foods tend to have far fewer chemical ingredients. For my health, I’ve noticed that processed foods make me incredibly ill and don’t intereact well with my meds.

2. Get some exercise. I am not talking about becoming a gym rate and living in the gym 24/7. I’m not even suggesting joining a gym for that matter, although, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, either. WebMD states that walking 10,000 steps per day is a good way to battle diabetes and mitigate the risk of developing diabetes. It works, but keep in mind that this does not mean 10,000 steps at one time or that you have to start out with 10,000. This is a daily goal and you can use a pedometer to track your progress throughout the day.

3. Take care of your feet. As I mentioned in the previous post, neuropathy can deaden the feeling in your feet. This creates a problem because one can injure his or her feet and not be aware of it. If that isn’t bad enough, the nature of diabetes makes it much more difficult for the body to heal; especially when the skin is broken. In short, a diabetic can do serious damage to his or her feet in a short period of time. A person with diabetes should always wear socks. The socks keep the feet clean and dry. Further, a person with diabetes should inspect his or her feet daily in order to catch issues before they become too great.

Diabetes is extremely inconvenient, however, if one takes the proper precautions, you can minimize the problems that diabetes can cause. These are of course very general suggestions. If you are at risk of developing diabetes, or have been recently diagnosed, then speak with your doctor. Your doctor will have more specific instructions that better fits with your everyday life.

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