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Watch As Naval Academy Midshipman Prove They’re Funkier Than Week Ole’ Gym Socks at West Point

Firing the latest salvo in the ongoing Academy Wars, Midshipman First Class Rylan Tuohy from Greenville, Kentucky has gathered his fellow cadre of officers-to-be together to create what is arguably the coolest Navy recruiting video since Top Gun.

Part tribute to pop culture, part tribute to the beautiful town of Annapolis where the Naval Academy is located, the video entitled Naptown Funk brought together 50 of America’s finest as they danced, marched, and played like sailors do in the streets of the buccolic little town on the banks of the Severn River. Taking a cue from Bruno Mars, the group of talented young sailors rewrote the lyrics Weird Al style, coupled it with some fabulous choreography, and once again proved that the US Naval Academy is by far the coolest of the academies. Serves to you Air Force and Army; and this year, no cheating. Army;  Katie Perry’s already been done.

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