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Hitting the High Notes: The Value of Musical Education

Musical education plays an important role in the development of a child’s skills. Like many students walking through the halls of schools these days, they’re involved in any number of extracurricular activity. These activities teach a number of important skills including teamwork, creativity, dedication, and drive. Music is no exception.

Within the world of music there are a good number of lessons and skills that students learn. Teamwork is a prime example. In a band and/or orchestra, you’re always part of a team. Even when performing a solo, your team is standing there ready to support you.

Within the band and orchestra, each member relies on team around them and all involved strive towards the same goal; the perfect performance. When you’re in any kind of ensemble the objective is to be as balanced as possible as if you were all one big instrument. Communication and teamwork are vital in order to succeed in this endeavor.

This setting teaches students how to work with others, and how to communicate in such a way that the team comes together as a cohesive unit; a band if you will.

Even students who have personal issues with one another still find ways to work together simply because it is vital to their success, and the success of the group. It teaches students to put aside their personal differences for the greater good of the team. This is an invaluable lesson that will pay dividends throughout the student’s life.

Another invaluable skill that music education offers is drive and dedication. Not only is there the drive for success,  but there is also the dedication to achieve perfection. For musicians, the perfect performance is the ultimate goal and musicians only have one chance to get it right during a performance. Unlike a CD or MP3, it simply isn’t possible to restart a concert or start the piece over if you don’t do well on it the first time round. Because of this, music students learn that practice leads to the perfection that audiences expect.

Students who are in music classes can apply the skills they learn in musical education classes to their other courses, their jobs, even their personal lives. That’s because music is the universal teacher whose lessons and skills go far beyond the practice room or concert hall.


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