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Cancel my Comcast!

Anyone who has ever tried to navigate the seemingly endless bureaucracy of cancelling their Comcast services can rejoice today. People now have the ability to visit, fill out their relevant information, and have a form letter sent to Comcast and Time Warner Cable demanding that they cancel their service! This idea was born out of the frustration of Air Paper Inc.’s founder, Earl St Sauver’s, frustrating attempts to cancel his service with Comcast.

Many people feel that customer service should be, well, more customer oriented. I agree. Cancelling a service should be quick and easy. Good companies know that gaining a customer is an expensive undertaking. These companies understand this and do their best to retain as many customers as possible. The truth is that retaining customers isn’t that hard. Provide a superior good or service, charge a reasonable price, and treat your customers with respect…and voila! It’s really not that hard to understand, but I’m all out of crayons and cray paper trying to explain it to the folks over at Comcast.


Comcast simply doesn’t offer a superior product, and they most certainly do not offer superior service. The call center is disconnected from the service technicians to the point that the call center employees cannot pick up a phone and call the local technical office to discover what the situation actually is. That’s hard to do when the call center is located half way around the world. It’s even worse when that call center is probably being run in some mother’s basement by a guy who took the job after reading an ad on Craigslist and received his training from a Sally Struther’s correspondence course. For only $19.95 and a goat, you too can become a certified call center representative….

For four months, I spent more time than I care to think about trying to get a temporary cable placed in a permanent place. It took forever to get two Comcast employees to grace my house with their sage like presence. After they finished their coffee, Danishes, and social media status updates, it took them a whopping 45 minutes to fix the issue. For a moment I was happy, but I would have been happier had it not required at least a dozen calls to the Executive Response Team. Which, when you think about it is such an ominous sounding name for something as simple as moving Wire A to Point B. They make something so simple sound like it’s something you’d expect Jack Bauer or James Bond to be doing in their spare time.

Naturally, I would have simply cancelled my Comcast service, but there is no other internet provider that services my area. I guess my teachers were wrong when they said monopolies were a thing of the past, but hey, who am I to complain when my Windows Version 735/5 seems to be working just fine this morning.

Is the method going to be the wave of the future? I hope so because the convenience is undeniable and the way it puts “Big Cable” on the spot is long overdue.

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