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3 Priceless Treasures This Mother Found Despite Her Son’s Life Threatening Hardships

Kelly and Michael Blumenthal burst with joy when they first learned of their pregnancy. At 19 weeks, during a regular checkup, doctors noticed irregularities with little Finn’s heart. It was determined that 5 critical parts of his heart were missing. Finn has been diagnosed with: Heterotaxy, TAPVR, DORV, Complete AV Canal Defect, Pulmonary Stenosis and Mal Rotation. He has now had 10 surgeries. And, despite these hardships, Kelly can recount treasured moments during this journey.

Here is what she says:

1) “The first treasured moment with him is after he was born and I finally got to hold him the first time. Even though he was alive and breathing bc of a lot of machines attached to him, I felt like I could protect him just by holding him.”

2) “What makes him special in his own way is that he smiles through everything and is so forgiving and trusting. No matter how many times he is poked, he still looks at you like it’s ok I know there is a bigger reason for this.”

3) “Currently, Finn loves playing with his big brother Mason, standing in his activity chair, playing with his pacis (pacifiers) and being snuggled. He LOVES to be held.”


Finn still has heart complications today, but he is still a happy little boy. Even though he’s spent much of his life in a hospital, it’s hard to catch him without a smile. He is now stable and loving life through his ongoing treatment. He’s easily one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet!

Want to learn more? The Blumenthal’s maintain a Facebook page (Click Here) where you can stay up to date and learn more about ways you can help contribute to families facing similar struggles and challenges. You can also visit Finn’s GoFundMe Page to help with the mounting expenses the family is facing as they care for this sweet boy who has a big, albeit broken heart. The few dollars you donate just might be the dollars that help heal it.

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