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Brian Denison

Brian Denison is a globetrotting traveler extraordinaire. A resolute Yankee fan and veteran of airports around the world, he knows his passport number by heart, but can never remember where he left his car keys. His family and friends have proclaimed him a living version of Waldo and hope that someday he'll find his Carmen SanDiego. When he is not busy exploring the vast beauty and history of the world, he keeps himself occupied writing articles that make people laugh and smile. His greatest pleasure in life is writing to inspire others in their own quests for love, friendship, illumination, and most importantly...adventure.

  • Explorers Corner
    Uncustomary Central American Customs

    You know you have a travel addiction when you know your passport number by heart as you go through customs, but...

    Brian DenisonSeptember 18, 2015
  • Explorers Corner
    Comparing Scars

    Last night was rather uneventful. I was spending a peaceful evening at home, enjoying the tropical air and cooking a late supper...

    Brian DenisonSeptember 18, 2015
  • Lifestyle
    Standing Up for Something Good

    They say that it takes good people to do good things. When it comes to Mike Morgan’s Fusion Fabrication in Loveland,...

    Brian DenisonSeptember 18, 2015

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